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Quieting Your Thoughts: Effortless Meditation Techniques For Busy People With Busy Minds

"The key to succeeding in meditation is to treat all thoughts as a legitimate part of the meditating experience, regardless of the content. Say it with me: All thoughts matter. This is not hyperbole. The more we celebrate our thinking mind, the more transcendent and blissful our experiences will be in meditation and consequently, the richer and more spacious our experiences will become outside of mindfulness and meditation.

+ The first step in celebrating the mind is to get rid of the word “distracting” when describing our unrelated thoughts in meditation.

+ The next step is to liberate ourselves from the need to witness, let go of, or replace those previously unrelated thoughts with more focused or wholesome thoughts.

+ Third, we should absolve ourselves from the need to focus on any thoughts in particular or actively ignore them ..." (read more)


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