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Although reading Tarot is my vocation, I believe the ability to do so is a blessing that I would soon lose if I failed uphold a strict code of ethics, keeping clients' well being and best interest as my first concerns. On a more secular level, the majority of my clients are referred to me by other clients.  Demonstrating a lack of ethics would be utterly self defeating in both moral and fiscal terms.

my code
My Code Of Ethics & Conduct

1.  Honesty and integrity are among my preeminent values as a human being.

When interacting with clients, as in all areas of life, I am committed to telling the truth as I understand it and to doing so with empathy, compassion, clarity, and candor.

2.  I am committed to empowering my clients so that they can make their own best decisions.  My function is to provide information gleaned from reading the tarot -- not to give directions, spew opinions, or pass judgments.

3.  I will keep strictly confidential the names and contact information of clients, as well as all information shared or discussed during readings, unless otherwise requested by the client or required by a court of law.

4.  I am committed to rendering my services in a professional, ethical manner and to treating every individual with equal courtesy and respect regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, spiritual beliefs, gender, orientation, economic status, or

political point of view.

5.  I will recommend that clients consult a licensed professional for advice of a legal, financial, medical, or psychological nature -- none of which I am qualified to provide.  Neither am I a private detective and I will not attempt to pry into the affairs of third parties on behalf of a client.

6.  I believe in free will and a mutable future.  I believe quantum mechanics to have demonstrated that materialism is a canard.

7.  I am committed to performing my services to the absolute best of my personal ability, but I do not guarantee particular outcomes based on the services I provide.  

8.  For the benefit of my clients, I will decline to do a reading on a question that I feel I'm unable to answer, or one that violates my code of ethics.

9.  I am committed to demystifying the Tarot, the reading process,

and myself as a reader.  Combining common sense and psychic intuition

isn't magic.  I believe that every living creature possesses some degree of inherent psychic aptitude.  

10.  I do not read for clients under the age of 18 or for those under the influence of substances which impair their judgment.

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