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Sixth Sensical Tarot strength

We are made of energy.  Everyone and everything around us, including all that lies both inside and outside the range of our senses, is made of energy.  As I understand and use them, Tarot decks are tools for reading energy by means of psychic intuition.  The purpose in doing so is to gain a better understanding of ourselves, of prevailing energies external to us, of where we are in the present moment, of how we came to be here, and of where we're heading given the current state of our own energy. Because the future is mutable, we're able to influence its direction through the exercise of our free will.  The Tarot can provide assistance.  It can expand and enhance our perspective to inform our thoughts, thereby helping to guide us toward making our best decisions.


My name is Christine and I have been reading the Tarot professionally since 1980.  My clients have included folks of every description from all walks of life and in a broad array of circumstances.  I have done thousands of readings over the phone and in all manner of venues from private homes to Renaissance fairs, to the very humble confines of my own kitchen.  I've done readings at parties, in taxi cabs, in booths at restaurants, in tents on campgrounds, and just about any place else you can think of.  Consistent throughout has been my commitment to honor the trust my clients have placed in me and to empower each person I read for with the insight they seek so that they can effectively manipulate the possible in their lives to their greatest benefit. 

Tarot cards are pieces of heavy paper or thin cardboard with symbol laden pictures printed on them.  Tarot readers lay the cards out in arrangements called 'spreads' and interpret these pictures based upon their position in a spread, as well as the spectrum of meanings they've developed for each individual card and for cards combined with each other.  The art of interpreting includes the act of intuiting -- of gleaning information by means of psychic instinct.  But neither the cards nor the reader nor the energies of either one are the most important element of a reading.  The client and the client's energy are at once its raison d'être and its driving force.  The client employs the reader as the reader employs the deck, always remaining in control.  You need to use your own common sense and intuition when you receive information from the Tarot.

If it rings true to both, you've chosen the right reader.  I hope that will be me and I look forward to working with you.

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