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Essential Energies Forecast For The 6th Of November 2018

Tomorrow's *Essential Energies Forecast: the prevailing energies on November 6th will be conducive to creativity in virtually every sense of the word. Whoever you are and whatever you do, if your imagination, original ideas, and/or unique individual effort will come into play tomorrow, a powerful updraft of external energy should support you ... to the same degree as you bring your personal energies to bear. That last bit is critical. You must be mentally and emotionally committed to following through regardless of the inevitable disappointments and setbacks you're likely to encounter along the way. You'll need to be dedicated to nurturing and maintaining that which you hope to bring into existence. Tomorrow's energy won't be compatible with magical thinking. If you're not the kind of visionary who's willing to get involved (and stay involved) in the nuts and bolts of materializing what you conceptualize, it won't help you. You'll need to have your sleeves rolled up and your intentions firmly set in order to benefit from it.

Folks who want to bring change to some aspect of their circumstances will also receive energetic support on the 6th, but there's a caveat in this area as well. You'll need to be confident, or at least behave that way, and independent enough to demonstrate initiative. Intuition will be favored, but not in the absence of ratiocination. In other words, use your common sense along with your sixth sense. Calculated risk taking is one thing. Taking flying leaps into the unknown, quite another. If you're not prepared to proceed, don't. Use the day's energy to further planning, practice, and/or research. That's not quite as exciting, but it certainly beats the Wile E. Coyote alternative of launching yourself into space tied to an untested ACME rocket of an idea.

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Bonus tip: should you find yourself dealing with a difficult (or even downright truculent) individual or two tomorrow, the prevailing energy will support a literal grin and bear it response. A relentlessly pleasant and unflappable demeanor will either have the effect of causing others to follow suit, or if they persist in their rudeness, it will be the single most effective form of payback. Under no circumstances be lured into arguing with boors. Refuse to lose your happy thoughts. Others may want to darken your mood to match theirs, but they have no right to do that. Why on earth should they be granted the power?

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*Essential energies forecasts on this site are general. How the prevailing energies will affect you as an individual is a function of their interaction with your personal energies.


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