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Essential Energies Forecast For The 27th Of October 2018

Tomorrow's *Essential Energies Forecast: the prevailing energies for the 27th of October will favor letting the world spin on its axis for a while as we invest time in taking care of ourselves and our personal environments. If Saturday is usually the day you clean, do laundry, or catch up on any other domestic chores, you'll find that such activities go quite well. If there are household projects you've been putting off, it will be a day to tackle them, starting as early as possible, and by the end, you'll wonder why you waited so long. That goes double for do-it-yourself projects. If you've been thinking about redecorating, tomorrow will provide an excellent opportunity to begin or to expand on efforts already underway. Creativity will be emphasized, as will satisfying your own aesthetic proclivities while refusing to worry about what other folks might think of them. Have you always wanted an aqua kitchen and a table decoupaged with pictures of Elvis? Then break out the paint and the Mod Podge and get busy.

There will be a strong current of energy available to further outdoor tasks too, such as raking leaves, mowing lawns, cleaning gutters, and preparing gardens for winter. It's not too late to put up some Hallowe'en decorations or carve jack-o-lanterns, if you haven't yet done so. Anything along those lines will be powerfully favored. Whether you're working indoors or outdoors, or tending to the areas covered in the remainder of this forecast, you'll be best served by translating your inspirations and intuitions into physical actions which improve your quality of life. It's obvious why cleaning and making repairs would have that effect, but don't forget, cheering yourself up would too -- hence my hypothetical about to gluing Elvis to your kitchen table. If gazing at The King every morning while you're buttering your toast would put you in a better mood, then it's worth making that happen. Small joys can be hugely significant.

Tomorrow's energetic patterns will also be ideally suited to caring for the physical self and the first step in that regard should be detaching from the work day world. For example: listen to your favorite music instead of 'the news', read a book completely unrelated to 'current events', and/or actually prepare food rather than pinning recipes to a board on Pinterest. Step two -- body maintenance. Tomorrow will be a fine day for taking actions that make your body feel better or look better (in your own eyes). Possibilities: go for a run or a walk, work out, take a nap, and/or soak in a hot bath tub. If you don't have an exercise routine, start one you know you can stick to on a regular basis. Meditate, or set about learning how (you'll never regret it). Give yourself a manicure and a pedicure. Get a hair cut. Do your skin a favor and moisturize with a natural substance you can find in your own kitchen. Step three -- if self care is something you tend to neglect, sit down with a calendar and find a way to fit it into your schedule going forward. Tomorrow's energy will help you. It will be powerfully conducive to creating any new habits (good ones). If you begin on October 27th, the behavior will be automatic, or pretty close to it, by January 1st. While everybody else is struggling with New Year's resolutions, you'll be hitting your stride.

I waited to conclude this forecast with discussion of the most potent energy moving through the 27th because it brings the others together as it rewards taking care of the spirit. This is not necessarily 'spirit' in the sacred sense, although it certainly can be, depending on the individual. What I'm referring to is the pneuma, the quintessential inner self. Tomorrow's energy supports getting back to intra-personal basics. If how you behave has fallen out of alignment with what you believe, it's time to make changes. If you've been failing to use your own intuition (we all have it), that's one habit to break starting now. If you've been allowing the opinions of others to substitute for your own better judgement, the process of reasserting independence can be propitiously begun at this juncture. Think hard about where you've been directing your personal energy and why. Tomorrow's universal energy will benefit re-evaluation of priorities, re-direction of energy, and re-application of effort.

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*Essential energies forecasts on this site are general. How the prevailing energies will affect you as an individual is a function of their interaction with your personal energies.


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