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Essential Energies Forecast For The 18th Of October 2018

Tomorrow's *Essential Energies Forecast: The 18th of October will be a day to seek peace, particularly within yourself. The prevailing energies will favor de-escalation and/or avoidance of conflict, both internal and external. With respect to the latter, don't allow yourself to lose your composure or your confidence. As respects the former, give yourself a time out. Accept that the most important thing you can do at the moment is to refocus your attention and thereby, your energy.

Avoid being drawn into, or back into, disputes with others, and go easy on yourself as well. Protracted rumination won't yield illumination today. If you meditate, which would be a mighty fine idea, let the present moment to be whatever it is without judgment. Direct your energy toward what pleases you, or at the very least does not distress you.

Accept that your perspective may be somewhat off kilter. Your cognition is being distorted by your emotions -- mind overbalanced by heart. This problem can be ameliorated by directing your energy toward the realm of spirit, whatever that means to you. If you're not inclined to reach out to God, add an extra 'o' and dwell upon the Good. Today, the best way to avoid defeat is by making a strategic retreat. Bonus tip: if any of your closets need to be cleaned, roll up your sleeves because the energy favoring that activity will be very, very strong. And who knows what you mind find in there?

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*Essential energies forecasts on this site are general. How the prevailing energies will affect you as an individual is a function of their interaction with your personal energies.


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