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“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”__Nikola Tesla


Quantum theory informs us that nothing is solid and everything is energy. It informs us of a whole lot more of course, and most of the mechanics perplex me, but Mr. Tesla's assertion regarding the universe rings absolutely true to my practical experience.  In our reality as I understand it to exist, every living thing, inanimate object, and physical place is made of and emanates dynamic energy.  This also holds true for any given moment of time and over the years I began using the Tarot to look backward and forward at temporal patterns of energy.


The semi-regular Essential Energies Forecasts offered on this site's blog are, perforce, very general in nature and pertain to the prevailing patterns of energy at play on specific days of the week.  If I was working with a client, I would expand the reading in order to determine how the manifestation and movement of that individual's energy interacted with the prevailing forces of the day or time period under consideration.  The energy forecasts you'll find here are roughly analogous to weather forecasts.  You can heed or disregard them as your own intuition dictates, but it never hurts to check, does it?

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