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Neuroscientist says her belief in precognition is more than just a hunch

"While most people dismiss these premonitions as coincidences, more and more scientific evidence indicates precognition is actually a learned skill we all may practice and hone, rather than a power possessed by a few exceptional modern-day oracles.

'Precognition is put into two bins, depending on if you’re a scientist or not,' Julia Mossbridge explains. 'But neither of the bins is accurate. Non-scientists tend to put precognition — even if they think it’s real — in the bin of ‘Wow, that’s weird.’ Whereas most scientists think the pop culture belief in this stuff is misguided. Most don’t know how rigorous these studies are, don’t read the literature, and my least favorite are not even willing to take the time to talk to someone who does research on it.'" (read more)


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