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Essential Energies Forecast For The 30th Of October 2018

Tomorrow's *Essential Energies Forecast: paraphrasing Sesame Street, the prevailing energies for October 30th will be brought to you by the letter 'r'. Favored activities will include re-evalution, readjustment, reconnection, and renewal. Even if your plans necessitate placing demands on your physical body, the primary heavy lifting tomorrow will be done by your heart and mind.

Energetically speaking, all days have an updraft and a downdraft. One or the other tends to be easier to align with, but there's always a choice to be made. You can situation yourself, move your internal energy, so as to catch the upward current and because internal energy follows thought, the essential first step is deciding to do that very thing. Think.

Step two. I won't sugarcoat; my understanding is that tomorrow's downdraft will be strong and pervasive. If you've just gone through or are in the midst of a difficult period in your life, there could be a great temptation to view the present and future through the prism of adversity. Focusing on what's been lost or what's liable to go wrong next can prevent you from seeing the gains you've made by surviving to this point. It can obscure potential sources of hope and happiness that are in front of you right now. And it can bring on such a deep sense of fatigue or apathy that lifting your eyes toward what lies ahead seems nigh unto impossible.

So what's a person supposed to do? Slowly but surely start sending your thoughts

(and thus your energy) in a positive direction -- which is no small thing, either in terms of the effort that will entail or the benefits it can yield. Decide to try, and remember the updraft. There'll be a mighty one tomorrow, so move toward it, deliberate thought by deliberate thought. Your mind may fall back occasionally (or frequently). That's to be expected. Just focus on the thoughts you're consciously forming rather than those slipping in unbidden. Thoughts about what? Angels? Astral bodies? The eleventh dimension? Nope. Thoughts about what you love, about what matters most to you. Thought about how much strength it's taken for you to have arrived in the present moment. Thoughts about what you might want to do with that same strength going forward.

If this forecast sounds like a typical new age screed about some magical 'power of positive thinking', it's not. There's nothing magical about it. We're talking practicalities here. You already know how potent thoughts can be. As a living human being, you've felt them move you times beyond counting. My contention is, that force (a.k.a. energy) is something you can harness and use to move yourself. With varying degrees of success? Of course. There's no arcane 'secret' that's going to sand all the rough edges off life for anybody and not everybody will become adept at working with the inherent power of their own cognition, but it's sure as heck worth trying -- especially tomorrow. Not trying makes no sense ever.

Regardless of the position one currently occupies, the 30th of October will hold genuine promise for those who refuse not to achieve progress in some definite form. It's a day to re-think, to renew effort, and to reconnect the flow of your personal energy with the power of your conscious mind.

© Sixth Sensical Tarot 2018 tarot readings synthesizing intuition and common sense *Essential energies forecasts on this site are general. How the prevailing energies will affect you as an individual is a function of their interaction with your personal energies.


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