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Essential Energies Forecast For The 19th Of October 2018

Tomorrow's *Essential Energies Forecast: October 19th will be the quintessential Friday, both an end and a beginning. If you're feeling bedraggled and beset by recent events, don't reproach yourself. You're not weak, you're human. The prevailing energies as well as those about to arrive strongly favor change, so accept that what's done is done and prepare to enter the next cycle. How it develops will have much to do with your level of receptivity. Beginning anew will be easier and far more enjoyable if you accept the antecedent conclusion.

As this week becomes part of The Past, what you'll really need to take along moving forward will be the lessons its taught you. Be grateful for them, difficult as the learning process may have been, because they're going to come in handy very soon. Realization is going to flow from aspiration, therefore aim high. Set goals based on the hope of attaining them rather than the fear of failing. If you will try, you can succeed, perhaps not entirely but significantly.

There will never be a better time to pay no attention to how you may look to other people. They won't be noticing the things you think they will anyway, so you can safely set aside concern about superficial appearances. A reasonable level of regard for your own exterior is fine, just don't predicate your presentation on the way others might react to it.

Beginning tomorrow night and over the next couple of days, seek out unfamiliar experiences. They don't need to be fancy, just different - a marked departure from your usual routine. If you normally drive down a particular street, park the car and walk.

If you spend a lot of time with your cell phone and/or other electronic devices in your hands, put them in a drawer and leave it closed for a while. Reality misses you. Read a book on a subject you know nothing about. Instead of ordering a pizza, make one from scratch. If a room in your house bores you, rearrange it. If you tend to be a big talker, try piping down and listening a little more. If you're shy about expressing yourself, make an effort to speak up.

Before long, incoming energy will present you with a question as to how you live your life. Would you rather simply adapt to change as we all must do or take a step farther and become an agent of change instead? Neither answer will be wrong if it's right for you. The decision is yours. Best to start pondering which one you'll choose. Bonus tip: over the next few days, try to get yourself outdoors as much as possible. Whatever you do, be sure to select appropriate footwear.

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*Essential energies forecasts on this site are general. How the prevailing energies will affect you as an individual is a function of their interaction with your personal energies.


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