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Essential Energies Forecast For The 19th Of November 2018

Tomorrow's *Essential Energies Forecast: we have another energetically intense and consequential Monday ahead of us, and we'll be best served by doing a whole lot more than just showing up. It will also be another day during which our instincts, our apprehension of reality, and our concepts of morality may be in conflict. The prevailing energies will favor dealing with reality as it exists regardless of how one feels about it and doing so in alignment with core values -- assuming those values include what is widely known as 'The Golden Rule'. Is this a reference to Jesus Christ? Absolutely. I'm about to quote Him, but not for the purpose of advocating religion in general much less any religion in particular. 'The Golden Rule' is simply the most easily recognizable term I can think of to reference the basic formulation: 'in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you'. It's a common sense standard by which we can assess our own conduct and it will come in very hand on November 19th. I need to emphasize that this extends beyond not doing to other folks what you wouldn't want them doing to you. Refraining from negative behavior will be as essential tomorrow as it is every other day. The Golden Rule, by contrast, goes further. It's about actively engaging in positive behavior whenever possible which is also true every day -- truer than usual tomorrow. Here I'll quote second religious figure, a Tibetan Buddhist. “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”__Dalai Lama To which I would respectfully add, it is always a matter of choice.

And what constitutes being genuinely kind? The majority of us who survive into adulthood recognize that the definition of kindness is apt to vary with the situation. Sometimes it's easy, but very often it's not and almost always it requires strength of both mind and character. One must first recognize what needs to be done, then follow through and do it. For a lot of folks, tomorrow will be especially challenging in the area of following through. The energy of our instincts may pull us in the direction of taking or not taking action based on what holds the greatest appeal for our emotions. The prevailing energies should assist those who recognize how necessary it is for the heart and mind to work in tandem. When the heart becomes too attached to what it's feeling right now, the mind can travel through time, thinking ahead and assessing long term consequences, as well as reflecting back on lessons learned from the past. It can also detach and imagine the experience of trading positions with others involved in the situation.

Tomorrow's prevailing energies will strongly favor the using imagination and intuition combined in order to appreciate other folks' points of view. Appreciate, not necessarily adopt. You may change your own mind as a result of trying to fathom the workings of someone else's, but that's a separate issue. On the 19th, making a concerted effort to understand will be the critical element.

Finally, tomorrow will be a day to resist relying on first impressions. Gather them, of course. Remember them for possible use in the future, definitely. But all the while, remain aware of the degree to which your perception can be influenced by factors other than objective reality and/or by motivations quite apart from seeking the truth.

Bonus tip: the evening hours of November 19th should be most beneficial to creative endeavors. Attend to the nuts and bolts kinds of stuff before 6:00 p.m.. Look for inspiration after supper.

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*Essential energies forecasts on this site are, perforce, general. How the prevailing energies will affect you as an individual is a function of their interaction with your personal energies.


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