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Essential Energies Forecast For The 13th Of November 2018

Tomorrow's *Essential Energies Forecast: prevailing energies on the 13th will give rise to vigorous competition, particularly in the realm of ideas, and to generalized commotion across the board. Although that's not necessarily a bad state of affairs, it's apt to present challenges for some folks. Standing to benefit are those who can keep a cool head and a balanced perspective. First and foremost, it will be essential to refrain from personalizing any conflicts. If an idea or an opinion is at issue, that's where the focus should remain. Launching an argumentum ad hominem is always a fallacious strategy, but folks tempted to do so tomorrow should think very hard about it first because what comes back at them is likely to be a lot more than they bargain for. The immediate repercussions may not be significant, but long term ... that's whole 'nother story. Err on the side of both logic and caution. Should you find yourself on the receiving end of a personal attack and choose to dignify it with a response, endeavor not to lose your own dignity in the process. Tomorrow, only respectful, rational competition will redound to the true betterment of all concerned. And the commotion? That really won't amount to squat if you don't let it. Try to be a little island of calm in the midst of any brouhaha you encounter. Take the broadest possible view. External confusion and turmoil need not be internalized. Whether or not they are is a matter of choice.

Another potent energy on the 13th, tangentially related to those discussed in the last paragraph, will support 'pouring oil on troubled waters'. Rather than taking sides in a dispute which has gotten out of hand, the best course of action will be to de-escalate the tension. If you're confronted by circumstances which cry out for 'an adult in the room', try to be that person in as genial a manner as possible. You don't need to jerk a knot in anybody's tail. Just demonstrating decency and reason ought to be sufficient. Should it become obvious that they are not, consider withdrawing your energy and taking yourself elsewhere, unless you have no option but to stay. Even then, you can withdraw your energy from the rumpus and use it to protect yourself instead.

Tomorrow will be energetically favorable toward the development of what is commonly referred to as 'psychic self defense'. Perhaps somewhere along the line you've been advised to surround yourself with white light, a.k.a. positive energy. That is an effective metaphor, but you could choose to dress yourself in a positive energy hazmat suit or anything else that resonates with your creative mind, the underlying principle is the same. You focus on projecting an impenetrable barrier of positive energy between yourself and any negative or intrusive energy that exists in your environment. As an aid to the act of focusing, you simultaneously use your mind's eye to visualize what you're doing. Select imagery that's emotionally powerful for you and use the same imagery every time. If you extend your efforts and employ your sensory imagination, actually attempt to *feel* what it would be like to occupy the centre of a benevolent, protective force field of energy, so much the better. I'm abbreviating my explanation, but that's the bones of the technique and it actually does work. We're made of energy. We also emit energy. Why not try to harness and direct it for a practical purpose?

Finally, the 13th will be conducive to the use of another psychic capacity -- intuition. Remember that it's a natural flow of insight which comes to us from outside the conscious mind, but its utility is in its application and that is determined by reason. In other words, its an adjunct to rather a replacement for common sense.

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*Essential energies forecasts on this site are, perforce, general. How the prevailing energies will affect you as an individual is a function of their interaction with your personal energies.


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