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Essential Energies Forecast For The 10th Of November 2018

Tomorrow's *Essential Energies Forecast: the prevailing energies on November 10th will support taking a serious time out -- a spiritual, mental, and physical hiatus from stressors of all kinds. If that's not possible, and for a number of folks it most assuredly will not be, the best alternative is to schedule as many short breaks in the action as you can. Even a few minutes here and there, will help. The important thing is that you go off by yourself for wee bits of time and find a quiet spot where you can just be. Just be what? Alive and aware, of and within the present moment -- nothing more nor less. Think of it as short duration ad hoc meditation.

If you're a person who already meditates, feel free to skip the next two paragraphs. If you aren't, please suffer through 'em. I'll endeavor to meander less than usual.

Meditation it doesn't have to be a complex ritual involving chanting or mantras or mood setting impedimenta such as incense and candles. On the contrary, meditation is as easy as breathing and there's no requirement that you must 'empty your mind' in order for it to be productive. Your thoughts may wander and your body might fidget some. That happens and when it does you observe it, accept it, and gently return to you point of focus, which for beginners is usually your breathing. There's no need fret while you're meditating. It's a small, private space to be peaceful in that you can create for yourself, anywhere and any time.

This link will take you to a simple kick start guide for sixty second mini-meditations. Whatever else you have planned for tomorrow, please check it out and make a good faith attempt to incorporate one or more of the suggested techniques into your day. Your mind, body, and spirit will be grateful, especially if you decide to go beyond a trial run and continue the practice long term. Stress can have myriad negative effects on living creatures, not the least of which is draining our personal energy. Meditation functions in much the same way as the device maintenance suite on a cell phone, 'freeing up' energy and optimizing performance by keeping stress at bay. Give it a try.

As the year winds down, you may be taking stock of how it's progressed thus far and reflecting on changes you'd like to bring about going forward. Tomorrow's prevailing energies will strongly support that line of thinking. It won't be a day to actively make choices, but rather to consider those previously made. The object isn't to berate yourself over the ones that stunk or to rest on the laurels of those that turned out well. It's to examine the reality of your circumstances as a function of your choices and to look at what that same power, free will, would best be applied to in the future. The energy will favor recognizing yourself as an agent of deliberate change. We're all subject to certain forces outside the realm of our direct influence, obviously. External pressures and constraints are a given, but we still have choices, if only in how we respond. Prevailing energies on the 10th of November will promote recharging our personal energy and asserting our control over it. The Law Of Attraction approach is fine and dandy, but no amount of 'attraction' can replace goal directed action and for that to succeed you need to be in command of your personal energy.

Bonus tip: before you throw anything away tomorrow, think twice. Winnowing out excess possessions is great, but be sure the stuff you're getting rid of has no real use or significant meaning for you. Declutterer's remorse is a most uncomfortable condition.

© Sixth Sensical Tarot 2018

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*Essential energies forecasts on this site are general. How the prevailing energies will affect you as an individual is a function of their interaction with your personal energies.

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